Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides waste management and their contact information?

Waste Management 772-569-1776


What days is (trash / waste / garbage) picked up?

Garbage-Thursdays; Recycle-Friday


Is there a limit on the number of pets?

Not to exceed 3 usual and non-exotic pets.

Is there a restriction on a breed of pet?

Certain canine breeds such as wolf hybrids, and other breeds with aggressive tendencies are prohibited.


What is the timeframe for an ARC approval process?

The ARC Reviewer shall have sixty (60) days to respond once a complete set of plans and specifications have been submitted.


When does the ARC Committee meet?

As needed for now. Still under Developer control - no committee formed yet



Is there a paint Color chart available for the Community?

Refer to Pulte/DiVosta Customer Relations: 888-898-9712 or visit the Design Center inside the Pulte Sales Office.



Where can paint be purchased to paint the exterior of the home?

Refer to Pulte/DiVosta Customer Relations: 888-898-9712.


Are hurricane shutters permitted in the Community?
 Yes,  but must submit ARC request form with HOA.



What type of hurricane shutters can be used?

Hurricane shutters are permissible only with HOA approval. Shutters may only be closed during a storm event or when a storm event is imminent. Permanently installed brackets for shutters are to be painted to match the home. For any shutter system which required a center bar, the center bar may not be permanently installed and must be removed along with the storm shutters after the storm event.


What are the specific guidelines for ARC requirements?

ARC guidelines are posted on the website 



Are there any fees associated with ARC's? What is the cost?

A $100 Application Fee. A refundable security deposit may be required for any large alterations. Details are listed on the ARC application.


Is there a sales & leasing application requirement?

All information is available on the community website at



If yes, is there a fee and what is the fee (sales & leasing)?

$100 administration fee.



If yes, what does the fee cover (sales & leasing)?

$100 administration fee.



Does the application require Board approval (sales & leasing)?



Who does the interviews (sales & leasing)?

No interview, just application.



Where are interviews held (sales & leasing)?

No interview, just application.


When are interviews done (sales & leasing)?

No interview, just application.


What are the lease restrictions (sales & leasing)?

Minimum leasing period is 210 consecutive days and no unit may be leased more than once (1) time in any one (1) calendar year.


Is there a deposit required for lease application (sales & leasing)? If yes, how much? How much is refunded at end of lease?

No deposit is required by HOA.


Is there a down payment (or capital contribution) required for purchase application? If yes, how much? (sales & leasing)

Yes, 2 months dues will be collected for capital contribution or resales.


How do I obtain the Association's documents?

Available on the website at


Is pest control included with my maintenance fee?



Who is responsible for pest control inside my unit?



Who is responsible for exterior pest control?

HOA will treat any visible horticultural pests on plant material in common areas


 Who is responsible to mow my lawn?




Who is responsible for the exterior of my unit?

HOA only responsible for landscape and irrigation


Who is responsible for the interior of my unit?



Who is responsible for window repairs?



Who is responsible for screen repairs?



Who is responsible for the doors?



Who is responsible for the plumbing?


How do I handle a roof leak complaint?



Who is responsible for roof repairs?



Who is responsible for dry wall repair? (Damages caused by leaks)


Who is responsible for the common areas?



Who is responsible for the street lighting in the Community?

Florida Power and Light (FPL)


Who is responsible for the mailboxes?

HOA for the physical structure only/no keys.


Who is responsible for A/C repairs?



Who is responsible for the utilities?




When is the Community scheduled for tree trimming?

See monthly schedule from Impact.


What is the lawn service schedule?

See monthly schedule from Impact.


What lawn services are provided to the Community?

Mowing, edging, trimming/pruning, weeding, fertilizing



What is the sprinkler system schedule?

See monthly schedule from Impact.



Who is responsible for plant replacements?

HOA replaces original landscaping that has completely failed



Who is responsible for repairs required due to damage by Association vendors?



Who handles onsite maintenance?



What are the amenities offered?

Coming Soon! 4 Pickleball Courts/1 Bocce Court


Is there a pool?

Coming Soon!



Is there a fitness facility?

Coming Soon!


Is there a tot lot?



What other amenities are there?



Is there a gate to enter the community?



Is there a clubhouse facility?

Coming Soon!


How do I obtain mailbox keys?

Handed out at closing


Who are the Board Members?

David Kanarek-President; Chris Moody-Vice President; Garrett Dinsmore-Sec/Treas.;  



When are Board Meetings held?

Still Under Developer Control-as needed.


Annual Meeting Date?

TBD for 2024


Number of seats on Board?


Do we receive coupons or statements?



What is the address to send the maintenance payments / fees?

Payable to Preserve at Waterway Village HOA c/o Alliance Association Bank PO Box 621073 Orlando, FL 32862-1073



Which payments / fees pertain to the Association and which pertain to Castle?

Quarterly dues are for the Association.



What is considered Common Area?

Everything outside of Lot line


What rights do renters / occupants / representatives have within the Association?

See Association Docs.


When can Hurricane Shutters be put up and when should they be taken down?

Shutters may be put up 72 hours prior to a Hurricane and must be taken down within 72 hours of the Hurricane ending



Are there parking decals and/or vehicle registration required for the community?

No, but review community guidelines for vehicles allowed within community.


Are there move in / out restrictions; dates, time, size of delivery van, access to community if secured?

No restrictions.


Who is responsible for the trees in the "swale" areas in front of homes?

HOA responsible for landscape


Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance and repair?

In front of house = homeowner, common area = HOA


What is the processing time for a sales & leasing package to be returned to an applicant?

Owner shall give HOA written notice a minimum of 20 business days prior to first day of occupancy proposed.


What is the minimum length of lease allowed and are there restrictions on how many times per year the property can be leased?

Minimum leasing period is 210 consecutive days and no unit may be leased more than once (1) time in any one (1) calendar year


Who maintains the lake?



Who is the insurance company?

Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services


What is the procedure for the emergency key to the HO's unit?

Homeowner's responsibility


Who is responsible for Tree and Grass replacement?



Who is responsible for landscaping issues?



When is a wetcheck done?

See Impact Monthly Schedules.



Who are W/O's faxed to?

Email to


Who creates the estoppel's?

Requested online at



Who is responsible for Palm Frond Pickup?

Impact Landscaping


What is late fee amount and late date?

A $25 late fee will be applied for dues received 10 days past due date.



Who is the irrigation company and phone number?

Impact Landscaping, 561-575-9501


Process for deposit returns?

For Architectural Modification Deposits, Homeowner to email request to PM, who will request from accounting. May take up to 30 days for HO to receive refund


Who is responsible to replace lights directly outside the front door of unit?




When are Moving Trucks allowed in the community?

Only upon moving in or out. May not be left on the street overnight.


Are Satellite Dishes permitted?

Yes, with restrictions. Must submit ARC application through HOA.


Are POD's Allowed

During loading or unloading times only. No longer than 48 hours.


Is there a color pallete?

Through Pulte or visit our Design Center in the Pulte Sales Office.




Who is responsible for mosquito service

IRC Mosquito Control District


Does the association know which one is my mailbox number?



Are there any exceptions to overnight parking rule?



Is there any age restrictions?




Who is responsible for Bee Removal?

In structure of home - homeowner. In common area or landscaping - HOA



How do I make an online payment?


Is this Association part of a Community Development District (CDD)?



What is the name and contact information for the Water Department that services my property?

Indian River County Utilities Department, 772-770-5300.


Are dumpsters allowed?

Only temporarily for construction sites.


 What day are recycles (trash / waste / garbage) picked up?

Trash-Thursdays; Recycle-Fridays;


When are the bulk service (trash / waste / garbage) days?

Contact Waste Management directly for any bulk pickup; 772-569-1776.


Who is the cable provider and Phone #?



Is cable included in my Association fee?



 Who contacts the cable company with regards to service issues?



Is there an alarm company and phone number; who is responsible for costs?

Security for homes are homeowner's responsibility.



Who is responsible for monitoring the alarm system?



Does the Association have a website? If yes what is the website address?


When does the Board / Director term end?

Developer turnover to residents occurs at 90% of closed homes.



Who sends the violation letters?



Who responds to emergency calls?

Property Manager


Who was the developer and what year was the community built?

Pulte, 8/2022 First Home Closing


Who is the Property Manager and what is their phone number?

Castle Group/800-337-5850


What is the HOA Association address?

(Coming Soon-The Clubhouse address will be)

The Preserve at Waterway Village, 5105 River Birch Way, Vero Beach, FL  32967

Is there a Master Association and the name?

Yes, Waterway Village Homeowners Association, Inc.


Is there a separate Master Association Fee?

Yes, but it is included in the Preserve at Waterway Village quarterly fees.



Are there car and parking restrictions? If yes, what are they?

Parking in any road or overnight parking in common areas is prohibited. Vehicles in driveways shall not block the sidewalk.



Are there any truck or commercial vehicle restrictions (parking) ? If yes, what are they?

Commercial vehicles must be parked in an enclosed garage overnight. Pick up trucks may be parked in driveways if the vehicle is used for primary purpose of transportation of passengers and personal goods.  See description of vehicles allowed in community guidelines.


Are "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" signs permitted?

No sign or advertisement of any kind shall be erected without prior written consent of the Board of Directors.


Are there BBQ grill restrictions?

Cannot be visible from the street.


Generator restrictions (where can it be placed, how large)?

Must submit complete ARC application for approval.


Does the Association have pet restrictions for the community?

No aggressive breeds


Is there a pet weight limit?



 Who should the unit owner request these documents from: financials, ARB, duplicate coupons, any forms? or



What type of insurance should I carry for my home, villa and/or single family unit?

Homeowner's Choice. Each Attached Single Family Owner shall maintain casualty insurance for his or her Attached Single Family Neighborhood Unit in an amount equal to the replacement value thereof.


Who do I contact for a developer warranty request?

Home Warranty 888-898-9714


Is there a specific type of fence that can be installed in this community?

Yes, see ARC guidelines. Must be bronze aluminum fencing only and meet certain height requirements.




Who is responsible for the trees on my lot?



Is fishing allowed in the lakes?

Catch and Release only.


What are the parcels and assessments for the community?


FOR 2024:


Villa 36':        $1030.37/Quarter** less $95.11/qtr abatement=$935.26/qtr. until amenity opens

Classic 50':     $1,161.62/Quarter**less $95.11/qtr abatement=$1,066.51/qtr. until amenity opens 

Estate 65':      $1,191.62/Quarter**less $95.11/qtr abatement=$1,096.51/qtr. until amenity opens 


Who is the Registered Agent for the Association?

Castle Group, 12270 SW 3rd St, Ste 200, Plantation FL  33327



What are the onsite office hours and days of the week the office is open?

Fridays from 9:30-10:30am in the Sales Model Offices.  Email all requests to 


Where do my overnight guests park if there is not room in my driveway?

There is no overnight parking on the street at anytime. Residents may contact the Property Manager on a case by case basis for alternative temporary parking solutions.


When does the board meet to review ARC’s? (exact dates)

For now, as needed.


Are Gazebo's allowed to be built?



What is the minimum and maximum height for a fence installation?

Aluminum rail fences, the height shall not exceed 5’, except fences on rear lot line of Lake or Canal must be no higher than 4’ all around. However, if the fence serves as a pool barrier and the County requirements provide for a minimum height of the fence in excess of 5’, then the height of the fence shall be the minimum height required by the County. The pickets shall not be spaced closer than 3” on center and shall be no thicker than 1”.



Does the association check for buyers/tenants credit score?



Is your Association FHA approved?



Is there a special assessment? How long does it last?